Together We Make a Difference

How do you send money or forms into school?
1.  Use a sealed envelope marked: "PTA Drawer" with the fundraiser written on the front. i.e.Family Picnic OR Membership, not both. *There should only be ONE fundraiser per envelope as they are going to be picked up by different people.
2.  Make sure your child's name and grade are written clearly on the front of the envelope.
3.  Send envelope to school in your child's homework folder or drop the envelope in the office PTA Mailbox!

Don't forget ... you can buy SIGNAL HILL envelopes from our BOUTIQUE!  They make the whole process even easier! The order form can be found on our Forms & Flyers page!

Did you Know that you can use the Homework Folder too?
If you need to send a note to the teacher or the nurse,  lunch money, fundraiser moneyor an envelope to the PTA,  put it in your child's Homework Folder. Make sure the envelope is labeled correctly and it will get to where it needs to go. It will save you lots of time!

Did you know about our school's LOST & FOUND?
The lost and found is located in the back of the Cafeteria. Feel 
free to look through the bin at drop off or pick up, you just might get lucky and find what was lost!